Creating outlines

Creating outlines

Created by Lu24
3 Months Ago
May 1, 2020 @ 3:20 am

Hi there!

I want to have a dancing person. What's visible of this person are just the outlines of major bodyparts (like hands, top and bottom of arms and legs, head, torso and feet (kind of like this here, but much more simple),

Now, i've made a template, in which i cut several clips together of real people dancing and it's 5 minutes long.

As you can see, this would be too much work, to draw the outlines frame by frame. I also thought about creating the bodyparts as shapes (in illustrator or after effects..) and move them as keyframes like the person in the video.

My question ist now: Do you know any efficient way to do this? It could be additional plugins, or not even After Effects... But something i'm not sitting the next 100 hours doing.

Thanks for your help

3 Months Ago
May 12, 2020 @ 6:10 pm

Hi Lu24,

Unfortunately I don't know of any 'easy' way to do this. There might be plugins for people/puppet animations that might make this easier, but it all depends on how exactly you imagine the final result to come out.

You may be able to create the shapes in Illustrator and then using motion tracking to attach them to the people in the videos. They would never 'perfectly' match the outline as you're tracking 2D shapes to a 3D moving person, but it might be sufficient - again depending on what you're after.

You could also use tools such as Mocha Pro (they now have a great new plugin called Silhouette Paint that I'll be doing tutorials on shortly) to create shapes and use motion/planar tracking to help match them to the people.

I doubt you'll find any 'click and done' sort of solution to what you're after, but some tools might make the process a bit easier

Check out Mocha for rotoscoping / tracking if you haven't used it before - it's a great tool!

I have a fair few tutorials for Mocha Pro on my website here: Mocha Tutorials

And I will be making tutorials for Silhouette Paint soon which would allow you to paint/track shapes and overlays onto video.


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