Magic Bullet Looks Plugin for Color Correction and Grading - VFX Vlog 16

On the right side of the Magic Bullet Looks Builder interface you will find the Tools tab. Hover over this tab to reveal a pretty large collection of effects that you can choose from to alter the look of your footage.

The effects are organised into different categories: Subject, Matte, Lens, Camera and Post. To apply any of these effects to your footage, simply drag the effect down below your preview window onto the effects tool chain. These effects are now being applied to your clip from left to right.

When you select one of the effects in your pipeline, a number of effect controls will be displayed on the right side of the interface. This controls panel is where you can tweak the individual effect parameters to your liking. Here are the controls available for the Film Grain effect:

You can disable individual effects in the pipeline by toggling the little power switch in the top right corner of the effect.

You can also disable the entire tool chain with the power button on the bottom left of the interface. This is useful for comparing the processed footage against your original clips.

Starting with your original footage, add any effects you want into your processing pipeline and tweak their parameters until you get the look you are after. I have increased the contrast, added a vignette and a little bit of grain to my Zombie Hunter footage.

Here is the original clip I started with, already colour corrected, next to the clip after processing it with the Magic Bullet Looks plugin.

But what if you don't have the time to try to assemble your own colour processing pipeline? Or if you're lazy like me? Fortunately, Magic Bullet Looks contains a large number of cool preset looks that are very easy to apply. Let's check out how that works!

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