VFX Vlog 15 - HitFilm 2 Plugins Pack for Film Making and Visual Effects

Other Effects

The HitFilm 2 plugins pack contains a 'Glow' effect that works just like the Glow in After Effects. For me, the effect is a little redundant, but if you are working with a software tool that does not come with an inbuilt Glow effect, this is a very useful plugin to add to your collection.

Here is the Glow effect applied to the muzzle flash I showed you before.

The HitFilm 2 plugins pack also contains a number of unusual distortion effect which you can find in the 'Distort' tab. One of the rather unusual, but very useful ones is the Witness Protection plugin.

Apply this plugin to your shot to pixelate a circular area around the centre of the effect. This can be very useful if you want to hide the face of an interviewee or disguise other sensitive information like car number plates or house numbers.

Another interesting distortion effect in the plugins pack is 'Insect Vision'.

The effect makes your footage appear as if seen through the eyes of an insect. You can change the cell size, the magnification and all sorts of other parameters to customise the effect to your liking.

Finally, the HitFilm 2 plugins pack contains a large number of effects both for Colour Correction and for Colour Grading. I have covered both of these topics in detail already in other tutorials so go check them out if you are keen to learn how to make your footage look cinematic. The HitFilm 2 plugins pack contains effect for preset cinematic looks and for more fine grained and manual colour adjustments.


When I had a first play around with HitFilm 2, the most fun I had was working with the inbuilt plugins and effects. I am happy to see that almost all of the effects have made it into this plugin pack so I can use them within Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

130 plugins is a lot to choose from, although if you trim out the more gimmicky or lower quality ones you are probably looking at a number closer to around 50. Still, 50 good plugins can get you quite a distance when creating your own VFX for your film projects. The effects might not always be as high quality of comprehensive as some standalone plugins like Video Copilot Optical Flares or Trapcode Particular, but the entire set is $500 USD rather than a couple of hundred dollars for each plugin.

If you love film making and visual effects, I recommend giving the HitFilm 3 plugins pack a try to see if it contains enough useful plugins that suit your post production process to justify the price.


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5 Years Ago
April 3, 2015 @ 2:36 pm
Thank you for your beautiful tutorilas. Please tel me, how can I Export HitFilm 2 express Plugins into the Adobe after effects and Premiere pro?
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5 Years Ago
April 26, 2015 @ 11:01 am
Well, you can export videos and then import those into AE and Premiere Pro. Not sure if there are any other integration options

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