Get 25% OFF HitFilm Pro, HitFilm Studio, Ignite Pro & HitFilm Express Add-Ons

Do you want want to step up your HitFilm game?

I managed to get an EXCLUSIVE weekend deal for you guys - get 25% OFF the HitFilm range

Simply follow this link to the FXHome Online Store and apply the Voucher SURFACEDOCTOBER.

This sale applies to all products in the HitFilm range and will last until the end of the 28th of October.

Once the sale is over, you can still use this link and apply Coupon code SURFACEDSTUDIO10 to get 10% OFF all of their products

For full disclosure, yes these are affiliate links. I will get a small commission if you purchase through them and I always greatly appreciate the support

If you are looking for a tutorial to get into using HitFilm, check out my HitFilm Express for Absolute Beginners Tutorial .

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