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Thumbnail - Colour Correction

How To Give Your Video A Cinematic Look – Colour Correction

There are 2 fundamental post production steps required to give your video that grand, cinematic look. In this tutorial we will look at the first of these steps, colour correction, which concerns itself with fixing up any colour issues with your footage like exposure and white balance.
Audio to Keyframes

VFX Vlog 12 – Converting Audio to Keyframes in After Effects

Learn how to create keyframes from audio in Adobe After Effects. This technique is very useful for syncing animation with your audio tracks or creating cool looking music visualisations. Combined with Null Objects you can use the volume of your audio to drive any effect parameter or layer property you want!
After Effects Basics Expressions Thumbnail

Adobe After Effects Basics – Expressions

Expressions in Adobe After Effects allow you to control any layer property of effect parameter with custom logic. This logic can apply simple transformations or random movements to your values or you can write complex blocks of code to intelligently control your visual effects.
After Effects 3D Camera Tracker Common Issues Thumbnail

Common 3D Camera Tracker Problems in Adobe After Effects

The 3D Camera Tracker in Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool that allows you to place visual elements in the 3D space of your scene. However, when tracking your footage you may encounter a number of common problems and this tutorial will take you through these common issues and show you why they occur and how you can resolve them.
Adobe Premiere - After Effects Integration Thumbnail

VFX Vlog 11 – Adobe Premiere and After Effects Integration

Adobe Premiere is a great tool for editing your projects and Adobe After Effects excels in adding visual effects onto your clips. In this vlog I discuss your options when it comes to Adobe Premiere and After Effects integration.
Day For Night Adding City Lights

Day to Night Conversion – Adding City Lights

In my recent After Effects Fireworks Compositing tutorial I left out how I added the lights into the building windows in the background of the scene. Adding lights to a day to night conversion can add a great amount of realism to your shot and in this tutorial I will show you how to do that.
After Effects Compositing Fireworks Thumbnail

Compositing Fireworks in Adobe After Effects

Learn how to composite the fireworks elements we created in the After Effects & Trapcode Particular fireworks tutorial realistically onto some clouds stock footage. I will show you how to intelligently use a track matte to make the glow of the fireworks interact with the shape of the clouds for a more realistic visual effect!
After Effects Particular Fireworks Thumbnail

Creating Fireworks with After Effects & Trapcode Particular

Learn how to create great looking fireworks VFX in Adobe After Effects using the Trapcode Particular Plugin by Red Giant. Trapcode Particular is an advanced particle system plugin for After Effects that gives you a lot of intricate control over the look and feel of your particles.
After Effects Puppet Tool Thumbnail

Adobe After Effects Puppet Tool Tutorial

The puppet tool in Adobe After Effects allows you to easily animate a static image by adding joints into it and keyframing the movement of these joints. Learn how to use the puppet pin, starch and overlap tools to create awesome puppet animations!
Null Objects Thumbnail

Adobe After Effects Basics – Null Objects

Null objects tend to mystify a lot of people because by themselves they have no function and no visual impact on your effects. However, in combination with parenting, expressions and expression controls they provide a powerful mechanism to create and manage complex visual effects with ease.