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After Effects CC 2014 – Hot New Features

After Effects CC 2014, released on June 18 to the Adobe Creative Cloud, is the latest version of the popular visual effects compositing software. The new version contains a large amount of new features like effect masks, advance keying and live text templates. In this post I give you an overview of the hottest new features!

Common 3D Camera Tracker Problems in Adobe After Effects

The 3D Camera Tracker in Adobe After Effects is a powerful tool that allows you to place visual elements in the 3D space of your scene. However, when tracking your footage you may encounter a number of common problems and this tutorial will take you through these common issues and show you why they occur and how you can resolve them.

Day to Night Conversion – Adding City Lights

In my recent After Effects Fireworks Compositing tutorial I left out how I added the lights into the building windows in the background of the scene. Adding lights to a day to night conversion can add a great amount of realism to your shot and in this tutorial I will show you how to do that.

How To Export Your Videos From After Effects

The final step of creating visual effects in Adobe After Effects is to export your composition. In this tutorial I will take you through the export process and show you how to configure the options for format, compression, resolution, audio and more.

Render Order In Adobe After Effects

It is important to understand the order in which Adobe After Effects renders out the layers in a composition and the order in which is applies different masks and effects. This tutorial will clear up a number of common confusions when creating your visual effects!
VFX Vlog #7 - How To Remove An Object

How to Remove a Moving Object in Adobe After Effects

One of the more common tasks when creating VFX is removing elements from your shots. In this small tutorial I show you how to remove a moving objects from your footage with Adobe After Effects.
VFX Vlog #6 - How To Loop A Clip

How To Loop A Video In Adobe After Effects

Learn how to loop a video clip using Adobe After Effects. This tutorial covers a number of different options available to you and it's good to know them all so you can choose the one most suitable to your situation.
Adobe After Effects Rotobrush Tutorial

After Effects Rotobrush Tutorial

The Rotobrush Tool in Adobe After Effects is an excellent feature that helps you to easily separate your foreground and background elements in cases where you did not use a green screen. This tutorial will cover the basic operation and the different options of the Rotobrush Tool.
After Effects How To Make Cool VFX trailer

Entertaining, High Quality Visual Effects and Film Making Tutorials

We all hate boring tutorials and therefore Surfaced Studio offers high quallity VFX and film making tutorials with a humorous twist. We like to call it 'edutainment' and try to capture what Surfaced Studio is all about in this brand new YouTube trailer!
VIDinc Australia Biggest YouTube Event

VIDinc 2013 – Australia’s Biggest YouTube Event

VIDinc, Australia's biggest YouTube event to date was held in Sydney in August 2013. I fly up from Melbourne to experience the YouTube culture, learn new skills to expand my channel and meet some of YouTube's greatest players!